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Online Versions of the LSI and PEPS

Human eSources

We are pleased to announce that Price Systems, Inc., has teamed with Human eSources, LTD., to develop and provide our LSI and PEPS inventories in a state-of-the-art, secure, web-based environment.

Human eSources is a leading provider of online services to the education community worldwide. Currently, the company's products offer online career development, advising, counseling, student transition, and first year seminar services to middle and secondary schools, and colleges and universities in the United States and abroad.

The online versions of the LSI and PEPS are available right now for individual purchase by credit card. Please click here to purchase the program ($19.95 USD) or to log in if you already have an individual account.

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Online Product Features
  • Security - All personal information is transmitted using SSL encryption technology. All users have a unique Login and Password.
  • Privacy - Personal information is not shared with any outside parties...period!
  • Access - Authorized staff and students can access the program from any computer connected to the Internet.
  • Administration - Easy self-administration of the program with customizing features.
  • Instant Results - The products work in real time with results available instantly.
  • Faculty Options - Faculty can view results for a particular student, or have the ability to view summaries for an entire class.
  • Reporting - Multiple online, printing, and download options for student report retrieval.
  • Individual Users - Individuals will be able to purchase single use access using a credit card.
  • Customer Support - Online, page sensitive help and fast customer support for all customers and authorized staff.
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